The Mak Cik Mafia Continued

Common wisdom was that men did not have much of a head for business, and therefore should stay out of it.  Men commonly brought their earnings home to their wives, who would then run the family finances.  They ran the main market in Kota Bharu and in every other Kelantanese town in the same way, and were in charge of the money.  They market was in fact the domain of women, both selling and buying, as few wives would trust their husbands to go shopping, fearing they’d never be able to get a good…

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The Mak Cik Mafia

Mak Cik (pronounced Mak Chik) means ‘Auntie’, and is used as an address for any woman significantly older than you are.  A Mak Cik however, is more than that.  It’s a grown woman who runs the show.  Unlike some other areas of Malaysia, in Kelantan, Mak Cik run the small business economy of the state, and they form an amorphous sisterhood of professionals. 

(The Mak Cik and aspiring Mak Cik above are my daughter and her grandmother)

Mak Ciks behave a certain way.  They always know the right…

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Kampong Life: Geese

There are those of you who've never tangled with a goose, and may believe the 'watch geese' Mak Cik Maryam bought to protect her house is a whimsy of mine.  No, it's reporting, not fiction.  Just look at the geese in the picture above:  you can hear the 'Jet Song' in the background.  'When you're a goose you're a goose all the way, from your first cigarette to your last dying day...'

A goose in a really good mood

Geese are nasty, and very territorial.  They wander loose around…

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