"I found your book very enjoyable, not only is there an element of crime/mystery, it’s also full of new information that’s presented in an engaging way.

I haven’t been able to put down your books since I started but Princess Play gives me shivers reading at night, probably because I am told about jinn and pelesits as most malays are and I can imagine being there during the main puteri ceremony."

Hannah A.
"I just want to say how much I enjoyed your book “Shadow Play.” I finished it in one afternoon because it was such a good read. I’ve been to Kelantan a few times, but didn’t get to fully appreciate the culture until you presented it in the context of a gripping plot, a cast of charming characters and interesting cultural annotations that give us insight into the uniqueness of such culture.

Many thanks for providing hours of reading enjoyment."

Eriko M.
"Although I left Kelantan when I was 4 or 5 for Spore, reading your books brought back much nostalgia for me! I shared the food items you mentioned, to my siblings, and it was wonderful we all remember growing up with those special dishes.

Your series is a rare one, I mean, how many authors would even think or care to write something based on this northern-most state in Malaysia!

I thank you for the books, I truly enjoyed them. I found it tough to guess the whodunnit in Shadow Play :) I was closer in Princess Play :)"

Aileene T.